A Dream Come True


I gripped little Jeffte’s hand as I approached the playground. I gazed out at a wide and joyful area of slides, swings, and smiles and thought, Wow… did I do this?

Months earlier, I began a fundraising effort to build a playground at this particular school in Haiti because I believe that every kid deserves to play. Within a month, we raised over $6,000 for the playground, mostly by selling ViBella Jewelry. The jewelry is made in Haiti, some of it in the same village as this school.

Here is a picture of me working with some of the ViBella artists:

DSC_0587So, there I was at the school, on the mountaintop overlooking the ocean and tin huts. The beating sun warmed my back. A group of school boys ran up and escorted me to the merry-go-round. As they spun me around on the ride, I could truly see the joy on their faces.

The school day reached its end, and I gazed out at the playground once more and knew: I didn’t do this. THIS WAS GOD. 

59 thoughts on “A Dream Come True

  1. I am so proud of you, your fundraising, your playground, your trip, your love for God and for these children you had never even met. You have a heart for so much…..you can do ANYTHING you set your heart and mind to! Love…..

  2. Lydia! So great seeing you here in blog world. I’ve been following your story through your mom and told her I was excited to see what God was doing in and through you and your sister. So glad you’re writing about your experience and giving the glory to God!

  3. Hi Lydia…I have followed your story on your mom’s blog. I love the necklace I ordered from ViBella. So many people comment on how beautiful it is…so I can tell them about the ladies at ViBella and about a young girl who raised money for a playground…yes Lydia…God did it…but God is always looking for willing and open hearts…and He found one in you. I pray your heart continues to grow in love for Him and for the hurting world around you. You, sweet Lydia, are off to a beautiful start at such a young age.
    Hold on to this scripture….1 Timothy 4:12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

  4. Lydia this is so amazing. You are an inspiration to me and all whose lives you touch. I thank God for bringing you into my life. You are so right that all that we are and all that we have comes from our Gracious Heavenly Father. May he continue to bless you and your family in all you do. God has GREAT plans for you my dear!!

    • Hi Mrs. Moen! Your message is very nice, and I really appreciate it and all the comments! (Don’t forget: YOU TOUCHED LIVES TOO! You were the best Kindergarten teacher ever!)

  5. Lydia,

    You are such an inspiration to me and to so many others! I have been following your story on your moms blog- and my heart just overflows when I see how much of a difference you are making in those children’s lives in Haiti. I am so excited to see that you now have a blog too- you share your mothers love of words! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  6. Lydia – you are an amazing little gal – God is using you in such great ways!! I am sure He is very proud of you too. I enjoy reading your blog – you are becoming a great writer – Hmmm – I wander where you got that from??? 🙂 Keep up your glorious work for Him!!!

  7. I’m excited that you have stepped out and decided to begin your own blog. I know God will continue to lead you, opening your eyes and heart to the things that move His.

  8. Lydia you are an amazing young girl! I have been reading your mom’s blog for a few years, and have enjoyed the recent stories of your efforts to help the children of Haiti. You are touching so many lives, not only in Haiti, but also here at home. It looks like your mom isn’t the only talented writer in the Lee family…I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the plans God has in store for you Lydia.

  9. Lydia oh Lydia. You have a heart of gold. Love all you do and point all the glory to God. Kortni and Kayla love to see your pictures and hear your stories. Can’t wait to show this to them tomorrow and let your words inspire them. Thanks for your giving heart and letting us learn from you. Love you lydia

  10. Lydia – Thank you for being so brave to openly share your heart with us. I was deeply touched by your blog today and look forward to reading more from you.

  11. Sweet Lydia! I’m blown away by what God has done through you, what He’s doing through you, what He will do through you. What a blessing and inspiration you are!

    P.S. I love your mom, and your grandma and I are “moon friends.”

  12. Lydia, I love the pictures and the vision. And I especially love your humility at the end: “I didn’t do this. This was God.”

    Isn’t it wonderful when God blesses our work, when God let’s us be his co-creators?

    I once heard someone at Laity Lodge talking about Genesis and the cultural mandate God gave us to work in his world. This guy said, “God made grapes. And he invites us to make wine.” That’s what you did here! You made the best wine for some kids who had none. You took the fruit God provided and stewarded that fruit into something wonderful that God blessed.

    I wish God had more people like you to work alongside him.

  13. Dear Lydia,
    My name is Grace, and I’m 10. What you did really inspired me to go after what’s right and do what you believe in. Thank you for the wonderful story. I’d like to go to Haiti one day, too. My grandmother (Sandra Heska King) went in December. The pictures she brought home, and yours, make me really want to go, too. I’d like to meet you some day.

    Gracee King ♥

    • Hello Grace!
      I loved your comment! I am so amazed about how many people can be inspired by
      certain things. I think you are a wonderful inspiration Grace! I hope someday
      you can go to Haiti too!

      –Lydia ❤

  14. Dear Lydia…..like mother, like daughter! You take after your mother with your exemplary gift and love for language and expression, and moreover, with your passion for Jesus and compassion for those in need. I love your purpose–to live an extraordinary life for God, and the vision you are casting–that every child deserves to play (and providing the way for them to do that!) You are giving children the gift of delight and creativity. Play fosters those things. And we sometimes think that our awesome God is only serious. But He is playful too. He believes in laughter, singing, joy, dance……and for goodness sake! He created monkeys, zebras, and platypuses! Thank you for obeying Him in a not-so-ordinary way, by sharing your love and gifts with the beautiful children of Haiti and those of us back home who need playful spirits so we can delight in the Lord. May you continue to keep writing and playing for Him. May He give you new ideas and the perseverence to carry them out in extraordinary ways! And one last thing: My daughter, now twenty, often calls me weird. (I do things like sing “at” her in public! Why would she think I’m weird?!) She always laments (in jest) that she must be the only one on the planet with the weird mother. Thanks to your honesty on your new blog, I can assure her that she is not alone! Thank you for setting that record straight! 🙂
    I wish you new horizons for helping the Haitians and much blog-joy~!
    Lynn Morrissey

  15. Thank you, Lydia. I hope to read it, too, and it helps me to receive a reminder. I’m not good at techie stuff, so can you let me know how to do that? I didn’t see a way to subscribe. Oh, and I will only follow you if you tell us why your mother is weird! (Little joke!) Keep writing and loving. You’re wonderful!

    • Hello Lynn!
      Don’t worry, I don’t really know a lot about computers, either. My mom helped me set this blog up. To find a way to subscribe, send my mom your e-mail address. She will help you set it up.
      P.S. My mom is weird because she sings random songs and well…. she was born that way!

      • Thanks, Lydia. I’ll do that. Well, your mom and I both love to write, and now I learn that she, too, sings random songs. But maybe our songs are just random to you and Sheridan (my daughter). Maybe we really do know why we’re singing, and you and Sheridan are just listening randomly! =] At any rate, I think we were both born a little bit weird too! =] (Gosh, I wonder if we were weird when we were eleven?!) =]

  16. I’m very impressed and proud of you for your willingness to help and work for the needs and desires of others. That is a very blessed gift from God. I’ll use your hard work and heart to remind myself of the tasks God calls all of us to. And age doesn’t matter to God… only our hearts. Thank you, Lydia for your example to all of us! God bless you and your family!

  17. I just came back from Haiti and saw the school and the playground equipment there are now 900 students there if they build an addition to the school it gets filled

  18. I just came back from Haiti and saw the school and the playground equipment there are now 900 students there if they build an addition to the school it gets filled Yours and Webert’s are amazing stories

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