“For I Know The Plans I Have For You”

Wow. Sometimes God just really amazes me with his plans. Take last week for example. Throughout the week, I was trying to talk with my friends about the poverty and beauty of Haiti, but they didn’t understand. They can’t imagine such a world, only 2,000 miles from their Iowa doorsteps, could possibly be so impoverished.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends, but they haven’t seen what I have seen. They can’t realize what it is like to go to bed hungry, without a mother kissing them goodnight. They can’t realize what is like to live in a tin hut with dirt floors, where you live taking care of your five younger siblings and your sick grandmother.

It’s just unimaginable.

   And that’s where God put Kendra Michael into my life. I was lying in bed under my down comforter one night, talking to my mother about how I felt because none of my friends understood me. She rolled over to face me and said, “Kendra knows what it is like.”

So we made plans for Kendra to come over that coming Friday. At first, I was nervous because Kendra is older than me. She is in 7th grade, and I am only in 5th. But when she came over, I knew God had planned this all. As it turns out, Kendra understood exactly what I was feeling. We talked a lot about Haiti, egzamen (quizzed) each other in Creole, and altogether had a great time.

Kendra had gone to Haiti last summer and had stayed in the same village I had. She has an amazing heart for Haiti and owns her own duct-tape pen business. The duct-tape pen profits go to Haiti, and this summer, Kendra has begun to employ 15 Haitian girls to make these pens. The girls earn Haitian gourdes and use the money to support their families.


(PHOTO: This is one of Kendra’s two sponsored Haitian girls. She sponsors them with the extra money raised from pen sales. You can order her pens from her Facebook page by clicking right here. )

God did have a plan for me, it just came differently than I imagined. So if you are experiencing something that is hard for you, know that God has a plan, and He is watching out for you.

   “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.”    ~Jeremiah 29:11

39 thoughts on ““For I Know The Plans I Have For You”

  1. Love this and love your heart! And yep, it is hard for others to understand our love for the Haitians – especially the orphans! And it is hard to explain the beauty there in the poverty. Thanks for sharing your story. So courageous and brave of you. I will send your Mom a post about Haiti that got posted on a friends blog today from me. Keep sharing!

  2. Do you know what malaria is? I’m trying to help the disease. I like what you wrote.
    — Gabrielle, age 9

    Did you have a fun time in Haiti?
    — Atrus, age 6

    Lydia, bless you as you continue the work God does through you. My kids and I look forward to your entries.
    — Lisa

    • Tell Gabrielle that I love her heart. And I do know what malaria is. My friend Judith has it. She is in the hospital. I am praying for her. I hope Gabrielle can do something for people with malaria. And tell Atrus I did have a great time in Haiti. Maybe Atrus can go there sometime. Thank you, Lisa.

      • I have to giggle, Lydia, because both kids were stunned that you might reply to them. They were as hopeful as kids on the night before their birthday and I had to remind them that you are a busy young lady who has friends and homework and chores just like them and you might not have time to reply. This is their first blog they have seen 🙂 I am so excited to wake them up tomorrow and tell them you replied. They will be thrilled. Gabrielle is doing a class speech on malaria. God put that cause on her heart late last year. She is new to the faith and I am so thankful there are girls like you in the world my kids can look at and say, she is doing big things for God and she is a lot like me! What an inspiration. Thank you.

      • Both of your girls are very special. God has a special plan for both of them. 😀 I hope Gabrielle’s speech goes well. I love people who want to make a difference in the world. Thank you, Lisa!!! 🙂

  3. Bless your heart, Lydia! You make me proud to be an Iowa girl (I still think of myself that way even though I’ve lived in other places for a long time)!! The Haitian people who have inspired so much love in your heart are truly blessed to be loved by you and the great big God you serve!!

  4. Finding like-minded friends must help you sustain your vision to help; but don’t give up trying to get your kids to understand. Even if they tilt their heads and wrinkle their noses, unable to grasp it, keep trying. When I was that age, I needed to hear things more than once and from more than one person. First, maybe a friend in school would bring up a topic or need. Then, maybe I’d hear about it on TV or read about it. Then, a person would come to church and talk about it. And then that friend would talk to me again and I understood it a little better by then.

    Give them time, and keep that fire burning in you.

  5. I know what it’s like, sweet girl. I wish I could talk to you about it face-to-face. Just look what God has done with you already. I can only imagine what He’s got planned for you in the future. Keep walking with Him. K?

  6. It is a gift to find a kindred spirit….through life sometimes God brings that special friend…and sometimes the path is lonely. But when it is lonely…Remember Jesus is always there and a friend who always knows.

  7. Hey Lydia! This is Kendra! Thank you so very much for your kind words! You are such an Amazing girl and we truly understand together what Haiti is like and how bad they need our help and I will always be there for you!! You are truly Making A Difference in Haiti!! We all Love you very much and God has Blessed you with such an Amazing gift and Heart and passion for Haiti!! Keep your Heart open! God has BIG plans for you!
    Love kendra

  8. Those friends of yours may not understand. But keep talking to them about it. Who knows when you may inspire them to take their own trip to Haiti to see the truth of poverty and a nation’s need for Jesus. Speak the truth in love, Lydia.

  9. I really like your story, Lydia. It reminds me that if we are patient, God will provide for our needs. It was so fun having Kendra over that day. I loved hearing you two talk in Haitian Creole. I keep working on my words, too, but I think you’ll need to “egzamen” me some more, “tanpri” and “mesi.” 🙂

  10. You are so cute God will use you in a mighty way. Be proud of yourself. I am proud of you and I have never met you but I know God has a special plan for you… Be blessed as you serve him.

  11. Sweet girl, I was so impressed with this! You have such a heart for service. I’m working to help my two children develop that as well. You are an inspiration! I can’t wait to share this blog with my kids (a daughter who’s 12 and a son who’s 8). I just know that it will help them in their walk with Jesus to see other like-minded young men and women doing the same. Bless you!

  12. Just think Lydia when you first had the dream for the playground for the school in Haiti, you hadn’t even been there yet. You had only heard about it from others yet you acted on what God had laid upon your heart to do. That’s where you can have hope for your friends– that God will use your story to inspire them even though they haven’t been there. Still, I am thankful you found someone that DOES understand, that is always a blessing and an encouragement. Great post.

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