Reflecting God

I stood front and center, a place I never thought I would be. The blinding multi-color lights flashed around me. Mike Donehey, the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North, stepped out and began to sing:

   Why are you striving these days? Why are you trying to earn grace? Why are you crying? Let me lift up your face. Just don’t turn away… Because I’ll be by your side wherever you fall in the dead of night whenever you call. Please don’t fight these hands that are holding you. My hands are holding you…

And I was there at the concert, singing along with Kendra Michael by my side. Our arms were both raised, glorifying God during this beautiful “God moment,” a moment when I didn’t care who was watching. A moment where I could sense God by my side, with his arm  beside mine outstretched towards the sky.

And Mike said to the thousand-people crowd, “We, up here, are just here to be a mirror, reflecting the image of God. Whatever we do in life, we do it not for own own glory, but to reflect God. ”

I ask myself and you this: Are we doing what we do in our lives to reflect God… or is it for our own glory?

I don’t want my playground project to be where people look and say, “Look what Lydia did.” But here’s the truth: God did it all. I was just His hands and feet, serving Him.

I’ve learned from Tenth Avenue North. I’ve learned not to reflect myself, but God because truly, he does it ALL.

And that is how to live Out of the Ordinary.

10 thoughts on “Reflecting God

  1. Beautiful. So proud of you. God is going to keep a hand on you so long as you serve him with an honest heart. You are so cute. Keep pressing in to the ONE who loves you the most.

  2. I see the reflection in you! You are His hands and feet! Thank you got for bringing this special girl in my life God!! Lydia is your miracle!! You have done great things in her life! You are so amazing Lydia! WE love you and we know God has SOO much for you to accomplish in life and that you will always do great things!! Blessing to you and your Family!! You will always live Out of the Ordinary!
    Love Kendra

    • Kendra, I see God reflecting in you as well. Your pen project has TRULY glorified God!! 🙂 I am so glad you are in my life, Kendra! Thank you so much, you Out of the Ordinary girl who is a Kid Making a Difference!! 😀

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