It was as any other Saturday was. We all filed into our Acadia, heading for a nearby town because our friend, Renae Grooters, was hosting a Haiti fundraiser. We arrived and entered the building.

The room was filled with Vi Bella jewelry, cookies and other treats, Kendra Michael’s duct tape pens, Frassy Girl clothes, and then there were the pictures. Pictures of hopeful Haitian kids at the Touch of Hope school, waiting to be sponsored. I had met so many of these kids when I visited the school in January. I glanced quickly at the pictures, attracted by the bright colors of the clothes and jewelry, but one picture caught my eye, and I turned back around to look at it.That face. It looked familiar.


The card read: Romario Euraze; Age 10. Whether it was a coincidence or not, I knew that face, I knew that boy. I grabbed the card and showed it to my mother. I explained my plan to her.

“It would be a major commitment, Lydia” she said.

“I can do it.”

“Then go ahead, you can do it.”

So I walked over to Renae.

“Hello, Renae. I’d like to sponsor this child, Romario.”

That was entirely, completely God. Really, how could an 11-year-old girl like me round up $35 a month to sponsor this child? I have no idea, but I can do it, and I do do it. I have saved up all of my birthday money, Christmas money, babysitting money, and I use all of it for Romario now. So far, there always seems to be enough!

I listened to Shaun Groves speak recently. He talked about using our “leftovers” to help others instead of hoarding them, like them Israelites did with manna.

One of the main things we can do to help the less-fortunate is to sponsor them. Give them an education. Support their school. Touch their lives.

If you would like to sponsor a child at the Touch of Hope school in Haiti, you can go here, to this Facebook page. Go through the photographs and maybe someone will catch your eye, just like Romario caught mine. (If you want to sponsor a child, just let them know in the comments under the child you picked. Tell them that Lydia sent you! πŸ™‚ )

15 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Lydia, you have such a good heart and it shows just like God had planned. So proud of your work with your Mom and know the Guidance of God will make a beautiful life for you. Good Luck for all the ventures you undertake.

  2. What a precious thing to do, Lydia. You are so compassionate and generous. God has a way of multiplying leftovers, doesn’t he? I think of the various “loaves and fishes” stories in the Bible…..when a small about of food was submitted to Jesus, He prayed, and He multiplied, and there were ALWAYS LEFTOVERS. But you have to place loaves and fishes in His hands. You, sweet child, are doing that for another sweet child, and the Lord is multiplying your efforts! How do you know Romario? Did that ever come to light?

    • God is amazing!! I love that bible story, and I think it goes along with the post. πŸ™‚ The story of how I figured out I knew Romario was when I was showing pics of Haiti to my friend. In the pic of the boys pushing me on the merry-go-round, I saw a boy and I recognized him as Romario. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Lynn!

      • Oh wow, Lydia! I get goosebumps! God just reunited you with your merry-go-round friend! Is that cool or what?! I hope that you and Romario will be able to exchange letters. My mother supports two children from Africa and is able to write to them. Again, may the Lord abundantly bless your efforts!

      • Lynn-
        I recently wrote Romario a letter and sent him gift. I am hoping he will write back. I cannot wait until my next trip to Haiti. I would like to meet him and see his home. Thank you, Lynn!! πŸ˜€

  3. This is so adorable. We do sponsor two five year old girls in Haiti through compassion. Each has a sibling and I don’t know if they are sponsored it has been fun receiving notes from them. I am proud of you. You will go far in the kingdom. I will keep you on my prayer list.

  4. Lydia, I pray you will get to visit Romario too, and I know he will love your letter and gift. I can’t wait to read about the unfolding of your new friendship on your blog!!

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