A Prayer Request

I have some great news! My oration (see Webert Raymond: Living Out of the Ordinary) has passed 3 rounds in my school so far! The first round was said by every kid to their class. The teachers picked about 5 kids from there. I passed this, so then, I went to a fourth-grade classroom, where the teacher of that class chose two kids– including me!! The most recent round was an official one. Judges came into the school, where 12 kids, two from every fifth- and sixth-grade classroom, gave their speech. And guess what? I got first place!!

My next round is tomorrow. I will be competing with two other kids from my school and some older kids– some even 8th graders– from around the county. It doesn’t matter to me whether I win or lose, and I know I am doing this to share Webert’s amazing story, and how God has used him to do some awesome things. So I am just asking for your prayers tomorrow, at 4:00. I would really appreciate them. πŸ™‚ Thank you and God bless you!!

DSC_1094My sister and I at Webert’s awesome school in Haiti.

16 thoughts on “A Prayer Request

  1. Good luck, Lydia! Hope you win. This is a very good picture of you and Anna. Such pretty girls!!

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  2. Lydia, It seems that your passion for Haiti and what Webert Raymond is doing have touched the hearts of so many. I’m so excited to see where else you are able to take this message as you continue to share your oration. Keep seeking him and living a life that is truly out of the ordinary for Him!

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