You know how in some books or movies or even real life, people have their heart set on something, such as running or surfing or acting? You know how they just LIVE to do it? My favorite stories like that are those when they   do it for God. It’s their passion. They want to do it and simply LOVE doing it. It feels great to have a passion, something to look forward to, to know what you want to do with your life.

I have a passion. It is something I can do anywhere and anytime. It isn’t surfing. Or running. Or acting. It is mission work. It is loving others and showing them God.

Yesterday, my family went to our neighbors’ house to see each other and visit with our friends who recently returned from their trip to Haiti. As I walked inside the house and kicked off my beaten-up tennis-shoes, I heard a voice inside the kitchen, calling, “Lydia, Anna, come here. We have something to show you!” The voice belonged to Kayla Grooters, who lives in Haiti. She is staying in the U.S. for a week. My sister and I raced into the kitchen, where everyone was crowded around a laptop. They were Skype-ing someone. And then I saw just who they were Skype-ing. On the laptop, were Webert, Loveson and Jeffte, our Haitian friends!! I was so excited to see them because I miss them so much.

They reminded me how much I miss those 5 days in Haiti.  

How much I miss serving lunch to the kids at the school on the hillside.

How much I miss Loveson and Jeffte’s baseball games and late-night dance parties.

How much I miss seeing God everywhere.

How much I miss the beautiful mountains and the sparkling ocean.

How much I miss being surrounded by dozens of Haitians feeling my hair and holding my hands.

How much I miss Haiti in general.


I’ve lost count of the times I have asked my parents if we can return to Haiti.  I am constantly replaying and replaying my favorite moments during the trip.  I feel as if there’s a hole in my heart only the Haitians can fill. I feel as if a part of myself broke off and will always be in Haiti.

I have to keep following my passion wherever it may take me. Whether it’s in Haiti, the U.S., or wherever I go.

And you can, too. Follow your passion. And do it for God.

So what’s your passion? Tell me. I’d LOVE to know. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Passion

  1. My stepdaughter, Gabrielle says: “my passion is helping malaria and helping my friends with
    fights all the time. I hope you go back to Haiti. How did your speech go on webert raymond?”
    — from Lisa: “Lydia, Gabrielle and I love to keep up with your blog. Thank you for sharing your love of God. I, too, hope you return to Haiti one day. And we look forward to reading your next blog entry. God bless you!”

  2. Lydia,
    Such a beatiful and passionate post. When you have a passion like that, I think it is only God who places it there. We can have many passions over the course of our lives, but the key is to ask HIm what His is for us, and then pursue that. All else pales by comparison. I can tell how much the Hatiian chidren love you, and you, them. This is God-ordained. I think you will get back there (you can tell your parents I said so! 🙂 And because you asked…My passion is teaching people to journal as a means of expressing their deepest thoughts, longings, and confessions to God. I have seen Him use journaling to transform lives, including my own. I didn’t know I was passionate about this until I asked God to reveal my passion to me. I am also passionate about encouraging others through the written word, whether with books, posting on blogs, or the handwritten note. I think too few people write letters and thank-you notes anymore. When you use your hand to write, the script becomes an extension of your soul and you leave a little bit of “you” behind. So imagine my surprise and delight when I received the lovely handwritten thank-you note from Miss Lydia Lee! I am so grateful to you, and I am placing it in a very special basket where I keep all of my most treasured correspondence. Thank you!!!! God bless you, Lydia, and may He continually fuel your passion to reach the Haitiians, and thank you for encouraging others’ passions as well.

    • Wow… Thank you so much Lynn! I am so glad you have a passion, and what a special one it is!! I agree that handwritten letters seem more special, and I hope you love my letter.
      -Lydia 🙂
      (One more thing I have to tell you, Lynn, is just that I LOVE your writing style. Everything you write sounds so beautiful and flows well, not to mention your excellent vocabulary!!!) 😀

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  4. Hi Lydia,
    I really love reading your posts. I think today God was giving me a gentle nudge to remind me of my passion and His place in it. All day I’ve been focusing on what I love doing, but forgetting why I do it. I think your post was God’s way of shouting ‘remember Me’ and reminding me to follow my passion for the right reason.
    My passion is Irish dance, both performing and teaching. It makes me feel so free while also keeping me grounded in realizing what is really important in life, namely God and His plan for me (not my own plan for me).
    I also love teaching children at dance and at Sunday school. Children are truly a blessing to work with because of the raw joy and enthusiasm they exude in whatever they do. In Sunday school, it’s amazing to see how passionate they are for God and how trusting they are in Him.
    Thank you for sharing your story and God’s love.

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