We Are The Esthers

Why are we here for “such a time as this”?

I think it is because God made us for a purpose, and wants us to fulfill that purpose in this time. He made us for “such a time as this.”

I’ve been pondering this question lately, because my friend Lisa has asked me to guest post on her blog, We Are The Esthers. She e-mailed me her questions, and I answered them.

I have just recently learned the story of Esther, and it is an amazing one. Esther was a Jew who lived with her cousin Malacai. One day, the king decided he wanted a new queen, so he instructed scouts to go out and find beautiful women who would make a good new queen. The ladies received beauty treatments for a year before the king chose his queen. Esther was one of the ladies who received the beauty treatments, and in the end, the king chose Esther as his new wife.

While Esther was queen, her cousin Mordecai discovered a plot to kill all the Jews!! Esther knew that all her Jewish friends could be killed, so she knew what she had to do. She had to go before the king and tell him about the plot. But there was only one problem… Esther could be killed if she went before the king without permission!! Esther told all her friends to pray and to fast for 3 days. After the three days, Esther would go before the king. Mordecai told Esther that maybe that she was made queen for “such a time as this”, right when the plot to kill all the Jews had been discovered. So Esther went before the king, and she told him about the plot and the fact that she was a Jew. And guess what? He didn’t kill her!! He listened to her and stopped the plot!!

Esther saved her friends with her courage and trust in God. I hope that if I was Esther, I would be brave enough to do something like that.

You can see my guest post here.

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