Lisa-Jo’s Project: Laundry in Africa

You all probably know the story of how I raised over $6,000 last year for a playground at a school in Haiti.

But in case you don’t know the story, here it is: Last year, I felt as if God was calling me to do something for the country of Haiti, something big. I kept searching and searching for something to do, and finally, it came to me. My mom suggested I raise money to build a playground at a school in the village of Simonette, Haiti by selling Vi Bella Jewelry, which is made by Haitian women. My goal was to raise $5,000, but God really came through, and I raised a grand total of $6,000 for the school!

I’m amazed that God has used me to do this, even though I’m just a child!

But right now, I want to tell you about another story that has touched my heart. A story that will take place in Africa. Led by my friend, Lisa-Jo Baker. She wants to raise $5,000 to build a laundry facility for mothers who don’t have access to water.

I remember when I first got to Haiti. As we neared the house where we were staying, we passed through a shallow stream. One that was polluted and dirty. I saw people washing their clothes in the water. I wondered if the water made the clothes dirtier than before, but they have no choice.

This is a common sight in Haiti:

Lisa-Jo is going to banish the option of washing clothes in polluted water (or just not washing clothes at all) in a community in Africa.

I highly suggest you check out her blog and make a donation to her fundraising effort.

I have already made a commitment of $40 to her fundraiser.

(And by the way… You know how my motto for my playground project was “every kid deserves to play”? Well I think hers should be “every woman deserves to wash laundry”. 😉 )

I found the photo shown on Flickr. It was taken by “kretyen.”


11 thoughts on “Lisa-Jo’s Project: Laundry in Africa

  1. I agree Lydia! “Every woman deserve to was laundry!” It is a blessing to be able to turn on a washing machine and get it done. I’m going with you on this one! See you over at Lisa Jo’s!

    • Oh, Lisa, you are the gift! I am so glad you’ve already met your goal… not that I’ve doubted it for a single moment! Those women will thank you when they get their brand new laundry facility! 😀

  2. Way to go Lydia! Awesome news…………………and oh to be reminded that we are so Blessed to able to hang out in Laundry Land….The things we take for granted in the USA…….God Bless!

  3. Oh laundry is my favorite job..Difficult to think I would have to use a somewhat dirty stream to do the laundry..Blessings to Lisa- Jo Baker as she helps fulfill yet another dream for these women..Thanks for your contribution too,Lydian.

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