A Birthday Wish

Today I turned 12 years old, and I am marveling at all the things I have done between age 11 and 12. The playground was put up at the school. I was interviewed many times for my work in Haiti. I went to Haiti. I started a blog to speak about my life and passion, and others’ as well.

But what I’m looking forward to is not presents or cards or celebrations. I love all these things, but there is one thing I have been asking and asking for, and finally, it is going to happen.

We are going back to Haiti!

I am so blessed to be able to go yet again this year and I couldn’t be happier to be going back to my most favorite place in the world. We are leaving next week, and will be staying for a whole week!

More to come next week as we leave. As for now, please pray for safe travels. So stay tuned…


22 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish

  1. Sorry, I got cut off. I had also wanted to say how very excited I am for you that God is fulfilling your best b/day wish of all!! And I know that the children will be over-the-top excited to see you again! Praying for a safe flight and a wonderful visit, as you share God’s love with His special peopel there!

  2. Birthday blessings Lydia — I know that whatever God pours into you will be spilled out on everyone around you, love and blessings scattered on the Haitians you will meet and love.

  3. You are an amazing tifi! My group of friends have just returned from our 5th trip since 2010 building more homes in Simonette. The world will be a better place with young people like you! God Bless!

      • Like you, my friends and I consider Simonette our home! We would love to add a link from our site (www.hopeforhaitihealing.org) to yours so others can see how amazing you are!

        Behind the “jewelry shop”, We built Gerard’s house (painted blue) last year. This year we built 2 in the village and one outside. One is for Kayla’s future mother in law (near the “Barber shop/moto meca).

        Have a safe trip. We will be back in the spring to build 3 more.


  4. Lydia,

    I read your entire blog to my 8 year old daughter and 10 year old son… we laughed, teared up and hugged more times tonight than we have in weeks! Thank you for that! Both of my younger children now see Haiti through the eyes of a young lady and better understand why it is that I love my village of Simonette! They cannot wait to go and see your playground!

    You are truly an inspiration for every one, you and old! God has blessed you with the heart of teacher and I expect nothing but great things in your future!

    Keep it up!

    Ed Hamill

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