Complaints or Blessings?

The showers are ice cold and can shut off at random.

The children are dirty and always have a runny nose.

Geckos live in the ceiling, and beetles live in the bathroom. (FYI- I have an extreme bug-phobia)

I am poked at and prodded at and pinched all over by curious toddlers.

The roads are a mess, and just driving through town is an adventure.

Even though it is only in the 90’s, I came from 0 degree weather, and never can completely cool off in the day.

Mosquito bites cover my legs and arms, and provide itchiness 24/7.

On windy days, it is practically a sandstorm. I get sand all over in my eyes, clothes, and hair.

Now, this list above may sound like a bunch of petty complaints, but really I believe we can make the best of everything that God throws our way, big or small.

Because, you know what?

I’m lucky to have a shower for me to rinse off in after a long, hard day. The water, though cold, is refreshing and definitely cools you down!

I love the children, with their beautiful smiles and friendly hugs. It’s not like I’m Ms. Clean anyway.

The geckos eat bugs, and though they slightly freak me out, they aren’t bad roommates, and I’m getting used to them. The beetles… Well, they remind me I’m not home, and this is an adventure.

Being played with and touched frequently is something I’m not used to. These kids have probably never seen a white kid before. Maybe it’s their way of getting to know me and becoming my friend.

I love the thrill I get riding through town. Haitian drivers are very skilled (they have to be!) and it’s an adventure every minute.

Ok. The heat. This is a hard one. I suppose it isn’t too bad when you want to swim, and though it’s stifling, you get used to it eventually. It’s a new environment- an adventure! (And those are good, right?)

The bug bites will keep Haiti in my mind long after I return home, right? Those bites won’t be going anywhere anytime soon if I keep scratching them like I am now!

The sand reminds me of the blessings I have here- a shower to wash the sand out and a sink and clothesline for the laundry- a treasure many don’t have.

Now you see? I am rejoicing in all that I have and all that I do- every day, every minute, every second for the one and only God.

Just see:










6 thoughts on “Complaints or Blessings?

  1. Great pics…are these new? You’re already back in Haiti?

    My daughter is in awe of all you do! Thank you for being a role model for an 8yr old girl and for showing her that ANYTHING is possible!

  2. I woke up in my bed at our house, but my heart is still beating instep with you in Haiti. Our time was so awesome and God showed us soo much love through His people. Have a wonderful week yet Lee family. Love Gramma and PapaT.

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