The Joy is Unfathomable

She captured my heart the moment I first saw her.

We were driving through Simonette on day 1, after a day of school, bringing the Tytoo Orphanage kids home because Tytoo has 2 special-needs kids that cannot walk. (We stayed at the orphanage all week.)

The first one is Dashcar. She is 13 years old and has a mild case of cerebral palsy. She recently had surgery to fix her clubbed feet, and can only get around on a wheelchair for a few weeks, as her feet are in casts.

The second girl is Amalisa, the one I fell in love with. She is eight years old and has brittle bone disease.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, brittle bone disease causes bones to fracture easily. People born with the disease cannot make a certain type of body tissue for growing.

Anyway, we stopped at the ViBella Jewelry building for a minute, and I decided to jump into the truck instead of riding in back with the rest of the kids. (Mostly because Guitambert was hitting me with his belt.) I just swung the door open and leaped in, right next to Ms. Amalisa.

Right away, I noticed her tiny legs, arms and body. Then I looked up and saw her smiling face, so warm and friendly. That’s when she captured my heart. I grabbed her hand and asked her: “Komon ou rele? (What is your name?) She answered: “Amalisa.”


I loved her and she loved me since then. Every morning before she went to school I would sit with her while she ate, talking to her and playing games. It wouldn’t take a genius to find out who my favorite was.

DSC_0554(ABOVE: Playing games with Amalisa and Dashcar.)

She was just so sweet and lovable. She spoke slow Creole to me and understood if I had no idea what she was saying. She was always holding my hands, and that smile never left her face.

The day I left was horrible, to put it simply. I was walking over to say goodbye. I told myself I wouldn’t cry, I wouldn’t cry, I wouldn’t cry.

So you can assume what happened next.

I started bawling, but pulled myself together enough to tell her that I would miss her and I loved her.

I cried the whole way home. This was WAY worse than last time.

But I will get to keep in touch with Amalisa, because on the way to the airport, I asked Kayla Grooters if I could sponsor Amalisa. We got a few things worked out, and now my sister and I are sponsoring Amalisa together!

I can’t wait to send her my first letter, with some little gifts as well, and I knew she would be ecstatic when she found out who her new sponsors were!

You wouldn’t believe how much these kids LOVE their sponsors. They treat them like best friends, like the most amazing person on the planet. Just being able to hand out sponsor kid gifts during my trip there proved so. Just getting a toothbrush, a T-shirt, and some toy cars mean more to these kids than you can imagine.

I highly suggest you pray about possibly sponsoring a child. It is for such little money a month that even a 12-year-old child can pay for 2 kids a month! The amount of joy you are giving them is unfathomable to you. I guarantee you, with the little amount you bless them, they bless you back, ten times over.

You can go to the Touch of Hope site right now, and find a child just for you. Trust me, the joy you give them… only for $35 a month.



13 thoughts on “The Joy is Unfathomable

  1. Oh, Lydia. This is such a beautiful post. What a gift you are giving Amalisa by sponsoring her. She will be so excited when she finds out. Amalisa is such a beautiful soul and so are you, Lydia.

    • Hey Suzanne! I’ve briefly described what I’ve done on a few of my blog posts, like my first one, A Dream Come True. But I’m sure if you go to my mom’s blog,, you could find something really detailed on it!


      -Lydia Lee (P.S. I don’t know if you realize this but you called me
      Jennifer! πŸ˜‰ )

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