One Year!

One year. One whole year. A year of love, of joy, of hope. A year that brought us all together. A year that will forever live in my heart.

One year ago, today, I started a blog. When I started it, I had no idea of what journey I was embarking on. I had no idea of how many lives I would touch.

I am so blessed to say that this blog has been a place for sharing, a place for love, a place for me to share my thoughts with many.

So thank you. For such a wonderful year.


9 thoughts on “One Year!

  1. Miss Lydia Lee!
    I congratulate you on an entire year of blogging your little heart out! Rarely have I seen one so young so “old” in wisdom, so insightful, so compassionate, so visionary, so hopeful, so joyful, so passionate, so filled with the love of Jesus. You have been such a personal blessing abd inspiration to me and also to my daughter Sheridan. We often talk about what you’re up to–and it’s always good! You are living out the passion that the Lord has placed deep in your heart, and you are using the gifts He has given you to glorify Him and to serve His children (young and old). I am so excited about your one-year anniversary, and predict that this in only the beginning!

    May God richly bless your heart, your love for Him and those He loves, and your writing. I can’t wait to see what your next year in the blogosphere brings!
    All my love,
    one of your biggest admirers!

    Her’es a little poem for you. I’m sorry that the first letter of each line didn’t appear with a bold letter. It is supposed to! =]

    A Blogger’s Blessing
    for Lydia
    from Lynn

    Because you
    Love the Lord lavishly and serve Him
    Out of utter selflessness, He has
    Given you an out-of-the-ordinary place from which to share the
    Good News to a world who needs Him. May He
    Enlarge your territory, so that you can
    Reach even more people for Christ. May He
    Lead you in all your write, think, and do, as
    You yield to His purposes for your life. May you
    Devote the next year to serving Him, as a blogger, as He
    Ignites your passion,
    Accomplishes His purpose for you, and
    Leads you into new territory. May He
    Encompass you in His grace and
    Enfold you in His love.

  2. That is such an amazing poem, Lynn. I must say, I need to thank you especially for all your encouragement and love, with those special comments on my posts.

    Love Lydia ❤️

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