Some News and Some Joy!

OK, I don’t even really know where to begin. I hope you all didn’t think I abandoned you or anything. I just have to admit that I’m really busy, but the more truthful explanation is probably a bit more like I’m a huge procrastinator.

I just really wanted to talk to you all about a huge project that has been happening lately. Maybe you’ve already heard about it, and maybe you haven’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

My family and two other families started a fundraiser in about July. We are working together to buy 80-100 bikes for the children in the village of Minoterie, Haiti. There are kids as young as four years old walking 2 miles to the Touch of Hope school everyday. Plus 2 miles back. Not to mention, if you’ve ever been to Haiti, you know it is HOT. So I really think this is not an ideal situation for young kids.

The bikes are priced around $80-$100 each. They will be bought in Haiti to support the local economy.

Now, onto some really exciting news. After a large fundraiser to sell water and Gatorade at RAGBRAI, a local bike race, 2 quarter craze suppers, asking others for donations, and much more, I am pleased to tell you that we have reached our goal and raised all the money for the bikes!!

And now it gets even BETTER! (If you can even imagine it 🙂 ) The families that raised the money for the bikes are going down to Haiti in two weeks and delivering the bikes to the kids! So you know what that means- I’m going back to Haiti!

IMG_2973This is a picture of my sister with the sign we made to sell water at RAGBRAI.


9 thoughts on “Some News and Some Joy!

  1. Lydia, somehow I missed reading about this. Wow! You did it! You reached such a worthy goal, and you get to go back. I just saw a news report about a girl in our city, who made a difference in delivering used baseball, bats, and gloves to kids who played baseball in a third-world country, but didn’t have enough equipment. This girl said she learned that one person really can make a difference. I think you are one such person, but you seem more like ten. You are amazing.

  2. Lydia and Anna – Another wonderful fundraiser. By answering God’s call to serve those less fortunate than ourselves, you two are living the gospel and are angels on earth for many others.
    Blessings for your upcoming trip to Haiti.

  3. Lydia & Anna ~
    I am sooooo proud of you two — again !! I love your hearts !! I was so excited to stop by your water stand on RAGBRAI and help you support this project. What a better way to get support for purchasing bikes than offering water on the biggest bike ride ever !!! I will you be praying for you both, your parents and the others as you travel to Haiti to buy and deliver the bikes !!! Take lots of pics to share when you get back, and have fun!!! (I KNOW you will!) Love, Mel

  4. I didn’t know about your fundraiser or I would have gladly given. You have an amazing and generous heart…just like your mama! I bet you can’t wait to see all of your friends in Haiti and their huge smiles when they receive their bikes!
    Don’t forget to share pictures okay? ❤

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