It’s a Beautiful Life

Vi Bella means beautiful life. When I think of what a beautiful life is, I think of a life spent for the glory of God. A life with happiness and joy and love. A life where you don’t need to worry where you will get your next meal. A life spent with family and friends and loved ones.

Vi Bella Jewelry is the true definition of giving a beautiful life to others in need. It is an organization that provides jobs for at-risk women and men and Mexico and (of course!) Haiti. The women and men with jobs can support themselves and their families with the money that they make from working. I also sold this jewelry during a fundraising effort to raise over $5,000 to build a playground for kids at the Touch of Hope school in Haiti.

I have been to Haiti three times, and each time, as my heart became rooted more deeply in Haiti, I came to know the Vi Bella artists better and better. I would sit at the plastic folding table and string beads and speak with them in Creole.


I recently met up with the new Director of Marketing and Partnership Development for Vi Bella, an amazing woman named Amy Breitmann. She lives in Georgia, but she came up to Iowa to visit the main center for Vi Bella, and she stayed at our house. During her brief stay, we talked about a lot of things, but one of the most prominent subjects was Vi Bella Jewelry.

She had brought some jewelry with her, and I looked at a few of the necklaces. Amy agreed to let me use one of the necklaces for styling a few outfits, and here are some of the ways I wore the Kate necklace.


This is a simple photo of the Kate necklace. It is an adorable necklace with many layers of pearl-like beads and gold chains. My favorite part of the Kate necklace is the fabric flower on the side of it. A soft green ribbon loops around to form the back.


This was my first outfit that I wore with the Kate necklace. I wore white leggings with a light pink long-sleeved shirt from Tilly’s. I pulled the outfit together with a faded denim jacket from Target. It is a cute but comfortable outfit that I could wear to church or going out with my family.


This was my second outfit. I wore the same pink top from Tilly’s with black leggings. I wanted to create a more biker-style look, so I added in a black leather jacket. The soft girly vibe of the Kate necklace really balanced out the more edgy style of my black-themed outfit.


For my third and final outfit, I wanted to create a more girly look using a cream-colored floral skirt paired with my soft pink top. This outfit really complemented the sweet style of the Kate necklace with my sweet-styled outfit.


I loved styling with the necklace and coming up with combinations, but what struck me most about wearing the necklace was the fact that some at-risk man or woman took pride in making that piece of jewelry because they could have a beautiful life and support their family.

I hope to do more of these posts in the future, as a Vi Bella fashion blogger, along with Amy Breitmann’s daughter, Shelby.

If you would like to buy the Kate Necklace, you can click here. And if you’d like to learn more about Vi Bella, you can click here.

This month, you can look good and DO good! Join the Beautiful Story by becoming a Beautiful Life Ambassador for just $89.


9 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Life

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  2. Could you get any more cuter! Seriously! I need you to come help me with my fashion:) Love the necklace and love you girlie!!!!!

    Aunt Aimee

  3. Great post Lydia! You make that necklace come to life! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. And, as always, thank you for being one of Vi Bella’s #1 supporters and fans! Love you and your big, beautiful heart!

  4. Lydia, You make a beautiful model! In the very short time that I have met you, it is so obvious to me that the Holy Spirit radiates through you and that God is going to use you in HUGE ways. I think He already is! I am so privileged to have met you and I can’t wait to see what God continues to do in your life. You go girl!

  5. Lydia, thank you for showing different ways to wear this ViBella necklace. I sometimes have trouble “seeing” what it would look like with different outfits, so this was perfect. I like your fashion style!
    Your mom is the one who introduced me to ViBella jewelry and I love supporting the families in Haiti by purchasing when I can. ❤

  6. Lydia~ you are such a beautiful spirit! I consider it pure Iowa blessings that I am going to get to spend more time with you and your family. Thank you for your heart for others. (And your incredible sense of style…) I love ya!

  7. Lydia, What an awesome post! And I love the different styles you put together with the Kate necklace. And using the same top is a great wardrobe stretcher. Love your heart and your smile. Keep shining His light – you do it well.

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