Our Wonderful Gifts

I always have imagined God making us in a glorious way. Being made in his image, he placed us with all sorts of beautiful gifts and skills and passions. He planned out our whole life, and all the marvelous events and moments in it.

I know that this is how God made me, and all of you too. But I can honestly say that many times, I have wondered why God couldn’t have made me more athletic.

I am skilled in so many other areas, but sports… not one of them. I’m not uncoordinated, I’m just not very strong. And I’m not saying that I’m bad at sports, I guess I’m OK. But I have always wanted to be great. I’m prayed and prayed that I could be better at my volleyball serves and my basketball free-throws, and when I do that, I’m not looking at the gifts God has already given me.

I’m first chair bass clarinet in NW Iowa Honor Band. I’m the only girl in my grade on the A honor roll. I have a great role in the junior high musical. My teachers praise my English and math skills, along with all my other subjects. My art is highly complimented by my peers. I have placed at state levels in speech competitions. And above all, I’m always a compassionate and caring person with a strong faith in God.

Now I don’t want you to think I’m bragging, but I’m just saying- listen to me complaining to God about my limited athletic skills, while he has given me so many other gifts.

My mom says in her book that in the past, if there were 100 people in a room and 99 of them liked her, she would focus on the one person who didn’t like her. I’d say it’s like that for me with my gifts. Maybe for you, too. Do you make the best of the gifts God has given you, or do you get down on yourself for the one or two things you aren’t the best at? God has amazing and spectacular plans for all of us, and I’m sure they involve the wonderful gifts he has so lovingly blessed us with. I want you to watch this video my dad showed me. I think you’ll understand why.

Are you getting how this all ties into the gifts we are given? Maybe you are have been given a two-liter can of coke, and maybe you have been blessed with an eight ounce can, but that doesn’t matter. God picked out the gifts he wanted for you because he knew they would bring you joy. And even more than that- to glorify him. So let’s all look at our own gifts this year, and thank God for blessing us with them. (And be sure to comment what brilliant gifts God has given you below. I’d LOVE to hear them 🙂 )

Romans 12:6 says:

In his grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well. So if God has given you the ability to prophesy, speak out with as much faith as God has given you.


7 thoughts on “Our Wonderful Gifts

  1. I am glad God made you the way He made you. He has given you lots of gifts, and yes … it can be frustrating when we can’t do some things as well as others, but God is showing you that He’s got a preapproved plan FOR YOU, and for his glory. xoxo

  2. Hi Lydia, I’m reading your latest blog post (which I’ve been waiting for forever!) And I love what you said. I personally am very busy and don’t really think about what I can’t do but what I can do. But I do wish, inwardly, that I could develop talents that are half started. Like I used to draw a lot. I mainly drew VeggieTales (BTW: What are your thoughts of the new VeggieTales? http://www.veggietales.com) and was starting to draw humans when I stopped, for some reason. I regret the fact I stopped drawing. I still draw occasionally, but I am not developing my talent. I was thinking of the parable of the talents. I used the talent for a while, but locked it away and only pull it out occasionally.
    But, the good news is, I write a lot! I don’t think I’m an awesome writer, but I love writing. I was writing for only my website for three months, but decided to cut back a bit (for I was doing a devotion a week, now I’m rotating reviews and devotions on Fridays) and am able to work on my other projects, like books and scripts.
    I’m glad you are doing well in school. I’m proud that you put so much effort in your work. I’m not that awesome. I struggle with Math and now Science has become a problem. But I love History. As much as I like to write, I am not much of a fan of English.
    About the Coke picture, are you a graphics designer? I do minimal designing on PowerPoint and am learning programming over at http://www.KhanAcademy.org .
    And speaking of designs, I am not much of a fan of your new website style. I prefer the old one, but the new one does have a few things that are better! And I’m glad you restored the “Fav. Websties” bar. You have encouraged me to do something like that on my site (which I need to work on). I thought it was funny that your site was on there.
    And what do you know! I forgot to talk about music! Well, I am learning the guitar and know some basic drum knowledge. And like playing around with MIDI on Sony ACID. And speaking about recording . . . I love acting! I want to produce audio dramas, Lego movies, and cartoons!
    Wow! Such a long comment! I can’t believe how much I like to talk and write! This right here could be my website! 🙂 This is seriously like the size of one of my devotions!
    Anyways, I absolutely love your blog and will keep coming back! May God bless you!

      • Old Scotty: Thou artest fasteth! I can’est believest it!
        Normal Me (C164): Aww, you’re welcome! Sorry about the late response, I am so busy, read about it here: http://christopher164.weebly.com/blog/media-update-im-too-busy Just thinking, I’m glad you’re good at math, because just recently I was struggling greatly with my Math work. Did you know that the system I use makes 80% the passing score for my tests? Well, the curriculum is aimed for excellence and wants the students to succeed. The best part is that it is CHRISTIAAAAAAN! ACEMinistires.com
        May God bless you!
        P.S. So there is no way to edit my comments once I post them? That’s weird. That’s why I love Disqus because it has that function and other features. But it’s just my opinion. But I do love Gravatar! That’s one thing I don’t like about Disqus, 92X92 pixel images! Whoops! There I go again! Another one of my rants!

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