How to Create an Art Journal

I love art. It’s one of those activities where you can express yourself, and have LOTS of fun while doing it. You don’t need to be a good artist to love art.

Lately, I’ve been interested in a new activity that I’ve heard of before, but never put much thought to. It is: art journaling. It’s super fun, and when you are journaling, there are no wrong answers.

I want to try something new on my blog, so today, I’m going to give a tutorial on how YOU can make your own art journal!

Art Journal

To make your art journal, you will need:

  • A notebook, sketchbook, or journal. I use this one from Barnes and Noble.
  • Pencils, pens, markers, paints, glue, etc. (Basically, any art supplies you want to use.)
  • Imagination 😉

Now, you can start creating the background for the pages of art in your journal. Here are some techniques I use to make my backgrounds:

  • I make dollops of paint on the page and blend them together with my finger. Then, I use a card (e.g. an old room key from a hotel) and scrape off the excess paint. You’ll get something like this:

from this…


to this…


  • Tip: In order to keep paint off of the spiral and top of the page, I use a bit of masking tape to keep the area clean. When I’m done, I peel the tape off. I also put a bit of wax paper under the page I’m working on, so my paint doesn’t spread onto other pages.
  • Another idea for your background is to use just one solid color, or do a pattern. The sky is the limit!
  • Also, you can use sheet music, and mod podge or glue it onto the page. Then, if you want to, you can paint over it with a light-colored paint.

After you have made your background, it’s time to add decorations onto the page. You can choose a theme for the page, or just do a journaling page of complete randomness! Some ideas of what you could do for your decorations are:

  • Paint or write a quote onto some paper and glue it on.
  • Use pieces of scrapbook paper or stickers, and stick them on.
  • Paint a picture of yourself! (or a flower, or a heart, or a hot dog…)
  • Glue down some magazine clippings or a bookmark.
  • Write in a bible verse.
  • You can paint, draw, or create anything and add it in! It is your art journal, you do what you love.

It is fun to create your art with someone you love. I love art journaling with my sister, Anna. She’s given me lots of tips and has helped me to get started with art journaling. Doing art with someone can give you inspiration.

After you think your page is complete, take a step back, and take a good, long look at your masterpiece! Great job, you’ve done it! Now, keep going, keep making your beautiful art!

* * * * * * * * *

Thanks for reading this ‘different’ type of blog post. I hope you liked it, and I really hope it inspired you to make your own art journal. If you do decide to start art journaling, you should connect with me on Facebook or comment down below. I’d love to hear how you journal!

Remember: you don’t have to be an amazing artist to express yourself and have a ton of fun making your own, personal, unique art journal!

Take a look at some the pages from my art journal for some inspiration or just to see what it’s like to art journal. Pictures below. 🙂

IMG_6532 IMG_6529 IMG_6530 IMG_6531

8 thoughts on “How to Create an Art Journal

  1. Hi, Lydia, glad to see you post another post! 😀 I can get unnecessarily worried about people who haven’t been active for a long time.
    I did lots of art in the past before. (As I mentioned, one of my pieces was published in ClubHouse magazine.) That was fun, but in 2014, I stopped and don’t do much except birthday and Christmas cards. But I love art! Your pieces are a work of art, if I may be punny for a moment. 😀 I LOVE PUNS!
    I don’t want to chat for too long, but isn’t it great to have a helpful sister? I have three siblings, and in September, my fourth sibling will be born, praise the Lord! 😀 God is so wonderful!
    Wow, I digress.
    Yet I might not art journal, I do want to get back to drawing again, thanks for reminding me. It’s just I’m multitasking on some media projects I’m working on, and that doesn’t include my blog!
    May God bless your creativity!
    Oh, just wondering, do you sell your pictures for Haiti? Just curious!
    And I love the new changes on this site! 😀 Great job!
    I digress, God bless! (I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!)
    Sorry, but do more “crazy, random thoughts!” 😀

    • Thank you, Christopher! 🙂 I think it is wonderful that you are interested in art, and I highly recommend you art journal. I agree. Siblings can be pretty fun. I do not sell my pictures of Haiti, but I have almost all of them on my Facebook page. Thanks again! 🙂

      • Hi, Lydia! Thanks for responding!
        I’ll certainly take it into consideration. I don’t want your sage advice to go unheeded. But even if I don’t, I’ll definitely try to make more time to drawing. Even though I prefer to be known as a writer (blog, sermons, other media work), I was a published artist, and that should be saying something. 😀 Whoops. : D LOL. But writing is an art. Ha, ha! No, I should pull out those crayons.
        No problem! Always checking back!
        NOTE: Some friends of mine have told me about that crazy thing about “self-hosting.” (And I still don’t’ 100% get it.) So, congrats! I like the “new” look!

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