Stop and Look

It was 9:00 pm, a blissfully calm night at Mule Lake. I was sitting on my bed, reading, when my sister’s voice cried from the back door, “Lydia! Come on! You won’t wanna miss this.” Rushing to pull a jacket on, I ran outside, wondering what special surprise awaited.

Meeting my family lakeside, I gazed up at the sky, in awe of the breathtaking view. The moon had begun to rise over Mule Lake, its yellow color reflected upon the glassy waters of the lake. And although the same moon makes its trek across the sky each and every night, that night it was like seeing the moon for the first time, all over again. It seemed brighter and bigger and more marvelous than I had ever seen before.

“It’s a blue moon. It’s very rare, because it’s the second full moon of the month,” my grandpa said in a hushed tone. I wasn’t going to argue with him. The moon felt pretty rare to me.

But maybe that blue moon wasn’t different from any other night’s moon; I just wasn’t there to see it. It isn’t often that I take time to stop and simply marvel at the miracle of God’s creation.

I don’t know where you were while the blue moon was rising, but as I stood barefoot, in a damp patch of grass on the shores of Mule Lake, I had a thought, “I wonder how many miracles I have missed in my day-to-day life simply because I haven’t stopped and looked around me.”

Every aspect of God’s creation is miraculous. We just need to stop and look around to see it. <–Click to tweet.

Flowers swaying in the breeze. The joy on someone’s face as they are laughing. The sky streaked with red, purple, and orange. A spider’s intricately woven web. The radiant light of a candle. These are all miracles. We see them in our day-to-day lives.

I don’t know about you, but I often rush past these miracles. I’m so caught up in my life, I forget to stop and look.

So, let’s all do things a little different from now on. Instead of always focusing on our work and our tasks at hand, why don’t we take just a little time off each day to stop and look?

Stop and look at the wonderful, miraculous, God-given world around you. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

I am going to post pictures on my Twitter account with the hashtag: #stopandlook. A few times a week, I’m going to stop and look around me, and capture pictures of the miracle that is Christ’s creation.

Psalm 33:5


Bottom photo courtesy of Anna Lee.

8 thoughts on “Stop and Look

  1. Lydia, this practically almost made me cry. This post is soo good! I best share it! Your writing is getting better and better (better than mine, for sure) and it is so touching.
    I have lots to do and tend to rush through things myself.
    Wow, such wisdom. Thank you for these encouraging words. I better look around more.
    But this made me think. Not only God’s creation, but also life. Like if you didn’t stop to think about Haiti, then I probably wouldn’t even know you. You wouldn’t have had touched as many lives as you did and such. If we only stop . . . and look . . . and listen, then we can truly feel God.
    Many of us don’t even see a needy person, but when we look stop and look around, then we can see them and have compassion on them.
    Thanks for helping me think and God bless you!

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