Rosie’s Boutique

These are the wise words of Kayla Raymond:

“Founded in 2014, Rosie’s Boutique is the result of a broken heart and a life shattered by the reality of extreme poverty.

I began dreaming up the idea of Rosie’s when I personally saw how sustainable employment can lift so many burdens off the shoulders of so many hurting people.

Suddenly they can clothe, feed, and send their children to school because they can an income they can rely on.

It’s a beautiful thing. 

In late December 2013, I had to say goodbye to my goddaughter, Rosie, after she passed away suddenly from pneumonia. It was more than heartbreaking. Her mama worked for me and was able to care for Rosie so wonderfully because she had been given a life-changing job. I opened my small boutique in Haiti several months later and the memory of Rosie resonated through the place.

I am humbled to live out this dream of mine in honor of her. 

Rosie’s Boutique is proud to bring you beautiful, handcrafted goods from Haiti. We buy our product with integrity and source from local companies who treat their employees with dignity. The product literally represents lives changed through employment and we hope our efforts will bring relief to many more. “

Kayla Raymond is the founder of Rosie’s Boutique. During my most recent trip to Haiti over Thanksgiving 2014, I visited Rosie’s Boutique in Haiti. It is a colorful and unique shop in Cabaret, Haiti. I loved all the goods and- even better- the stories behind the goods for sale at Rosie’s. Beneath their beautiful, handcrafted surfaces, they tell the tales of employment and change for the better.

During my very first trip to Haiti, I was able to meet sweet Rosie. She was a beautiful and intelligent girl. One Sunday, during a church service, I held her tiny, brown hand, and gazed into her deep, sparkling, brown eyes. I was heartbroken when I learned that she passed away from pneumonia. But it was wonderful to see her little spirit live on in Rosie’s Boutique.

So, I am excited to announce that another Rosie’s Boutique is opening, this time in Rock Rapids, Iowa! I am looking forward to see where this boutique is going to go. (It is also known as “Rosie’s Sit-A-Minute,” but I’m going to just refer to it as Rosie’s Boutique, or Rosie’s)

Rosie’s sells goods from organizations that provide jobs for at-risk Haitians. Some of the organizations are: 3 Cords Haiti, 2nd Story Goods, Little by Little Haiti, Vi Bella Jewelry, Papillon Enterprise, Haiti’s Jewels, and The Denim Project.

All of these organizations, though each unique and special in its own way, have one thing in common: they provide jobs for people just like us, people who want to support themselves and their families, but haven’t had the chance. Now, thanks to all of these wonderful organizations, they have the ability to do just that.

So head on down to Rosie’s, and know that the products you buy are changing someone’s life. You can also order some goods online by clicking here. Rosie’s opens tomorrow!





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12 thoughts on “Rosie’s Boutique

  1. Hi, Lydia!
    I love your writing, as usual, and it’s so wonderful that Rosie’s legacy lives on and goes to touch other’s lives, including me. I really hope that this, uh store?, will touch others and others will hear about the suffering in Haiti and want to help.
    Hey, how can I help? (NOTE: I live in S. Korea.)
    I usually update my blog followers of your blog in my monthly recaps, but I forgot your blog this month! Oh, dear. But at least “Stop And Look” was posted in August, so I will not try to forget! (I really need to start working on that recommendations page . . .)
    God bless, and keep working and writing for the glory of God!

    And that ice cream does look good!

    • Thanks Christopher!! You can help by praying for the success of Rosie’s and that it touches people. You also can buy some items by clicking the link at the end of my post. Thank you!

      • Hi, Lydia!
        So, I looked on the page and it mentioned “PayPal.”
        Uh . . .
        A few months ago, my dad tried logging into his PayPal account and they asked for personal information so he could reset the password. So whenever we try to support by trying to buy their music and such, they’ll reject my dad’s card.
        All in all, I can’t support them thru PayPal until 2017 (when my dad gets a new card) or till we move to the states.
        OR . . . can we mail the money physically? That’s what I’ve been doing with so I can host giveaways and such on my website.
        Thanks for your help and God bless!

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