Before Anything Else

I love to joke that Starbucks coffee is my bae. I also love to joke that the following things/people are my bae: muffins, Aliza Latta’s artwork, my sister Anna’s buffalo wings, Kaitlyn Bouchillon, fishtail braids, Deidra Riggs, and willow trees. Just to name a few.

So, by now, some of you may be scratching your heads. “What in the world is a bae?” you may ask.

Well, I’ll tell you. Bae is not actually a word. But it a pretty popular term among kids my age. I think it can be compared to LOL (Laughing Out Loud) and BRB (Be Right Back). It’s like an acronym. Bae stands for:




When I joke that coffee, and fishtail braids, and willow trees are my bae, I don’t literally mean they are Before Anything Else. I just mean that I like them a lot. (I think I may have a condition called “Bae Overuse.” I use the word WAY too much, and I don’t really even use it correctly.)

Now, keep this little lesson in mind. We’ll get back to it later.

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday evening. The Lee family and some friends were headed out to Sioux Falls, to attend a church service at a church called Embrace.

Now, our family regularly attends a local country church, and we have an amazing church family there, but occasionally, we like to visit Embrace for an evening service. I love Embrace. The music is great. The sermons are amazing. There is coffee. AND free wifi.

Anyway. We shuffled into one of the front rows as the church’s band began playing. The singer stepped forward, and sang:


Above all else, I adore Your name.

Above all else, tune my heart to sing Your praises.

These words really touched my heart.

The verse starts with: Above all else. Hmm. Does that sound familiar? (Hint: The bae lesson.) Yeah. So, God should be above all else in our lives. He should be above money, fame, work, and any other idols.

Make God your bae. Make God Before Anything Else in your life.

In Matthew 6:33, the Bible says to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of our needs will also be provided for.

We are commanded to put God first in our lives, and when we do that, God will provide for us.

There are a lot of things we as humans love – family, money, work. But I hope that now, and as we continue about our lives, we can continue to put God Before Anything Else in our lives.

Make God Bae


9 thoughts on “Before Anything Else

  1. Love this, Miss Lydia! God is your BAE and your BBF! This really spoke to my heart today, honey, because of late, I’ve been checking emails before checking out God’s Word. Not to be legalistic–God will lead each person–but for me, before I even heard of a BAE today for the first time, God had spoken to me many years ago about putting Him and His Word first before I did anything else in my day. He had convicted me in those days, not to turn on morning news, but turn over a page in His Word. God has used my obedience in this practice as a real blessing in my life. But wow! It’s amazing how I can just conveniently substitute one idol for another. Email instead of TV, anyone? So your little post is God’s conviction to my fickle heart, and I thank you for it! I have a feeling, Miss Lydia, that Jesus is also your O & O! (One & Only)! Just know ILY (I love you).
    Lynn, your still-teachable-and-in-need-of-constant-maintenance friend (THat’s STAINOCMF)! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Lynn! Your use of both common and uncommon acronyms is HILARIOUS! I’m so glad you are listening to God and realizing when he is trying to tell you to put Him first. I’m pretty sure you are doing a lot better job than me at putting God first every day. I could learn from your example. Blessings to you, my STAINOCMF! 😉

      • Ha, Lydia. You have a great sense of humor, among soooo many things! Yet another thing I love about you. When I ask you in one of my mental-pause moments what that last acronym stands for (I forget stuff), be sure to remind me that it was I who coined it! Honestly though, honey, you are a perfect example of “and a little child shall lead them.” We grown-ups can stand to learn a lot from you. Oh, and as far as those other acronyms go, I credit my soon-to-be twenty-three-year-old daughter, SHeridan, for keeping me up with the times. And btw, she is a Lydia lurker! I use your example to encourage your example of having an online presence for Jesus, as i pray about a website and/or blog. I would like her to illustrate it w/ her lovely photos. xxoo.
        PS I am waiting for *your* first book! Have you thought of writing to teens or maybe writing a children’s book?

      • Thank you so much, Lynn! That’s means a lot to me. You’re so sweet! And about a book- I’ve considered it and I’m interested in possibly doing it in the future- but It’s Gods decision! 🙂

  2. *Wonderful* post, Lydia! My goodness, it seems your mama is not the only talented writer in the family. 🙂

    Thank you for this sweet reminder, dear one. I’ll be holding it close to my heart.

  3. Ha, I’ve never heard of “BRB.” 😀
    Wow, what do you need WiFi during church for? Wait, that wasn’t grammatically correct, I think. I’m going insane!
    Honestly, it can be tough to keep God BAE. I have a hard time doing my quite time in the morning. I don’t know why. It’s just tough to talk to someone who doesn’t respond like any other human. It’s weird, but true. I just need to be adjusted to his nature, I guess.
    Anyways, let me say that your blog in the blogosphere world is my BAE! Your blog is the most inspiring and most amazing blog that I have ever read! Thank you so much for writing all that you are writing! I keep trying to share the word on my website, recaps, and newsletters. 😀
    God bless you!

    • This is a reply to one of your comments that I can’t reply to.

      Ha, ha, honestly, a book is a great idea! But, as you said, it’s all in God’s will. I will read your blog even if there’s no book. But if you ever do write one . . . near the top of my wishlist!

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