Run Your Race at Your Pace

One year ago today, if you asked me what I could never imagine myself doing my 8th grade year, running cross country would be number one on the list.

Now let’s get one thing straight: I’m no great runner. I’m slow. Despite that, however, I showed up to practice on the first day.

So we ran, everybody going their own pace. Some people were faster. Some people *ahem* were slower.

Yesterday, I had my very first cross country meet. I ran as hard as I could, until there was no gas left in my tank and I had crossed the finish line. Out of 42 people, I had placed 26th.

At first, I was disappointed. I felt like I was slow compared to the other runners. That’s when it dawned on me: I had run at a great pace for myself. I had pushed myself. My pace was different than the people behind me, and in front of me, and that was ok.

I had run my race at my pace. It’s like that with life too. We go through life at our speed. And each route we take is special, and it’s the one God has chosen for us.

Maybe your route is moving to Africa, to be a missionary. Maybe your route is being a teacher. Maybe your route is being a mom, a farmer, a writer, a chef. But whatever route we take, we all have the same destination: Heaven.

We might look at the person next to us, and compare ourselves to them. We might feel slow and insignificant. But when we’re focused on their route, we forget about our amazing route.

Sometimes, when we’re trekking along our paths, the foliage is thick ahead, and we don’t have a clear view of what’s ahead of us. It’s then that we have to trust God. We have to trust that he’s put us on the right path, and that He’ll lead us through the unknown.

Run your race at your pace, and trust that God has put you on the right path.

Run your race at your pace.


4 thoughts on “Run Your Race at Your Pace

  1. Nice words of wisdom! I kinda wonder why my blog didn’t take off as some other blogs have. I wonder why some people don’t comment on my website (no hard feelings to anyone). I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.
    But, I’m going at my speed. My blog may never really blow up. It may have more “one dayers” than “day oners.” But with God, I should keep going. I’m encouraging others, sometimes without even knowing it. It’s amazing what God can do!
    My blog has blessed so many people. Sometimes, it surprises me how much people like the stuff I write. But I’ve never become big or anything. And I don’t want to really blow up, but I do want to have a nice following.
    Yeah, I feel like I’m rambling.
    But, thank you for your wonderful words! They mean so much to me! And you’ve blessed me so much with the work you have done and the words you have written. An ever-constant inspiration.
    So I guess the moral is that I do my part and others do their part. I bless as many as I can and others bless as many as they can. In the end, we have done our job for Christ and he will be pleased with us.
    God bless!
    I was just thinking that my blog did something a little crazy at one point. Trent Blake’s blog and mine reached 20,000 page views nearly at the same time. I got there first. But he started his blog three months before I did. But his blog is more popular than mine. I don’t know what happened, but that can be God saying, “Trust me and I can do many things for you. But don’t worry about your size. Just do what you do and you will bless others.”
    A wonderful thought indeed (in my mind at least).
    Me and my “Crazy, Random Thoughts.”

    • You are so right, Christopher! We bless as many as we can.

      Your attitude towards your blog stats is great! I try not to look at my stats, because no matter how many views I get, I know that if I touch one person, everything will be worth it. It’s important to encourage others, no matter how many we encourage.

      Thank you for your “Crazy, Random Thoughts” today, Christopher! 🙂

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