We are the Children of God.

Ahhhhh. Homecoming week. Coronation, dress-up days, and pep rallies are all big parts of homecoming week at my school. My favorite part of homecoming is coronation, when the homecoming queen and king are chosen. I sit on the edge of my seat and bite my lip as I wait in suspense to hear who receives the honor of becoming homecoming queen and king.

It’s a shame, though, that only one boy and one girl can be queen and king. Why can’t everybody be royalty?

Sometimes, I feel like I’m insignificant. That I’m a nobody. That I don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you feel that way too at times?

I’m tired of feeling insignificant. I forget who I am– who WE are. We are sons and daughters of the King. We are His princes and princesses.

This type of royalty isn’t like homecoming queen and king. No, we don’t need to be chosen by anyone except God for this. We don’t need the votes and approval of man to be royalty. It’s not about who we are– it’s about Whose we are.

“For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” -Galatians 3:26.

Galatians says we are ALL children of God. Not just the missionaries and the pastors, the speakers and the writers. Everybody. That includes the sinners, the liars, the cheaters, and those who give into temptation. Though we make mistakes, we are all perfectly loved sons and daughters of the King.

We all are special because we belong to the King.

We are His marvelous, unique creations. We don’t need to prove that we are “royalty material” to others. We already are royalty. Because we are the children of the King.

We Belong to The King


6 thoughts on “We are the Children of God.

  1. Wow, wonderful thought there, Lydia! We all are royalty! 😀 We are loved by God and we love him back!
    Yeah, I know that you have read me talk about how insignificant I can feel with my website. But I know that I AM significant! I am doing what God has asked me to do! I am blessed! Honestly, that’s the best feeling in the world!
    And, ya know, honestly I keep thinking why I feel so down about “low” traffic and such. But I’ve had wonderful people who have commented! Most of which who care for me! And I care for them back! And we have awesome times together! I love that thought! So, we love God and he loves us. We love each other in Christ and they love us back in Christ! I love that thought!
    I wrote a post around Valentine’s Day about how sick I am about our hopelessly romantic world and how lonely I do seem at times. But then a week later, I thought that we aren’t that lonely after all! There’s so many of us Christians all around! We aren’t lonely at all! There’s many of us! And more can be added to our ranks if we only evangelize! 😀 Isn’t that a wonderful thought!
    Honestly, you’re a wonderful and special person! And I’m not talking about the impact you have on me. I’m talking about what you did for Haiti! You’ve done so much for them! And that makes you special to them! So many people read your blog! And it seems like that most of them are adult ladies from enourage.me! And I don’t have any adult regulars on my site! 😀 But, honestly, you are very special. Blog or no blog. Haiti or not Haiti. You are not only special in God’s eyes, but also in your sister’s eyes. In your mom’s eyes. In your dad’s eyes. Don’t underestimate their love.
    Wow. All that to say and I forgot to ask . . .
    What’s Homecoming Week?
    Old Scotty: Homecomingest Weeketh iseht wheneth I finallyeth finish teachingeth all my classes at my universityeth! Then I cometh hometh and that’seth homecoming!
    Um, I think, Old Scotty, that’s called “Homecoming Every Afternoon.”

  2. Lydia, I love this post. First, I read your posts for their spiritual content and depth. I am never disappointed. Next I read them critically (I mean that in the best sense), author to author. You are a born writer. You always do a beautiful job, and your writing improves with every post. Authors need to pay attention not just to what they say, but to *how* they say it. And you say it so well. But no matter how well you write, if your words are meaningless or self-aggrandizing, then you do a disservice to your readers. *Your* words, however, are Spirit-led, and He has given you a powerful message with this post to help others understand their significance in Christ. When we know we are royalty in Him, we are wrapped in His royal robes of righteousness. We are forgiven, and we can live freely sans guilt and in service to others. But knowing we are royalty also shapes how we behave. We remind ourselves that we have been chosen by our King and that we are His ambassadors. That should shape how we treat others and help us to refrain from sin. We princes and princesses do not want to bring shame to the King’s name. Keep doing what you are doing, sweet and strong Princess of the King. You are a wonderful ambassador for Jesus!

    • This is so sweet, Lynn! This makes me smile. 🙂

      Your words are so true. “We princes and princesses do not want to bring shame to the King’s name.” I love that!

      Thank you Lynn. God bless you!

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