from broken to beautiful

Three years ago, on my first trip to Haiti, we were riding down the bumpy backroads of Haiti in the bed of a pickup truck. Our group had received a call that there was a father in the area who couldn’t take care of his son. He wanted to give his baby boy up to the orphanage so he could live. The father, holding his son, climbed into the back of the pickup truck after we arrived at their hut, and they rode back to the orphanage with us. I remember seeing the lifeless boy with his head drooping and his body limp, wondering if he was going to live. The father left his son at the orphanage, and I learned that the boy’s name was Steeve.

Fast-forward three years. I recently returned from my fourth trip to Haiti. This time, we went with the organization Vi Bella Jewelry, a job-creation ministry with centers in Haiti. We were able to visit the Vi Bella artisans in their centers and work alongside them, hold a retreat for the artisans, and lead a revival at a local church. My mom, sister, and I also spent a couple days at the end of the trip visiting friends at Tytoo Gardens Orphanage.

You can read about one my experiences in Haiti with Vi Bella Jewelry by clicking here.

At Tytoo, I got to spend lots of time with Steeve. He is nothing like that lifeless little boy I met three years ago. He is mischievous and kind and has a smile that melts the heart. He holds my hand tight and gives me big hugs. He pulls me over to the swings and the playground to go down the slide again and again.

The last morning at Tytoo, we were eating breakfast and Steeve came up to me, my mom, and my sister, offering each of us a purple flower. He ran over to a little flower patch nearby and picked more flowers for us.



When I see Steeve, I think of redemption. God took a boy with little hope for his life and gave him another chance. He gave Steeve a new life, where he can grow and learn and make others happy. He gave Steeve a bright mind that can shape Haiti’s future and a set of dimples that can get him out of any trouble he causes.

When I see Steeve, I am reminded how God can make something beautiful from something broken.



4 thoughts on “from broken to beautiful

  1. I just loved reading this and seeing the pictures of Steve. How he has grown. The comparison to our redemption by Jesus is so so good. Wonderful heartfelt writing Lydia!❤️❤️❤️

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