Rosie’s Boutique

Kayla Raymond is the founder of Rosie’s Boutique. During my most recent trip to Haiti over Thanksgiving 2014, I visited Rosie’s Boutique in Haiti. It is a colorful and unique shop in Cabaret, Haiti. I loved all the goods and- even better- the stories behind the goods for sale at Rosie’s. Beneath their beautiful, handcrafted surfaces, they tell the tales of employment and change for the better. Continue reading

A Birthday Wish

Today I turned 12 years old, and I am marveling at all the things I have done between age 11 and 12. The playground was put up at the school. I was interviewed many times for my work in Haiti. I went to Haiti. I started a blog to speak about my life and passion, and others’ as well.

But what I’m looking forward to is not presents or cards or celebrations. I love all these things, but there is one thing I have been asking and asking for, and finally, it is going to happen.

We are going back to Haiti!

I am so blessed to be able to go yet again this year and I couldn’t be happier to be going back to my most favorite place in the world. We are leaving next week, and will be staying for a whole week!

More to come next week as we leave. As for now, please pray for safe travels. So stay tuned…